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USBA/WBA Advisory Board


The USBA/WBA values the opinions and encourages input from all of its members. To help further the USBA/WBA and it’s mission, and to help bring Worldwide recognition to USBA/WBA members, the USBA/WBA has appointed distinguished and experienced Martial Artists from around the World to it's Advisory Board and as Regional Directors.

These individuals have similar view points on Martial Arts competition and values, and their impact on the future of not only breaking, but the Martial Arts as a whole. The USBA/WBA recognizes the following individuals as leaders in the Martial Arts community and encourages others to recognize the importance of these individuals to the future of competitive breaking and the Martial Arts community as a whole.

Master Mel Hebert

Raphael Velez

Peter DeMarco

Fernando Camereno

Featured Media

  • 2014 U. S. Open World Martial Arts Breaking championships!

  • USBA/WBA World Record set by Jonathan Field- 50 1" boards with palm srikes in 10.5 seconds!

  • USBA/WBA World Record set by Drew Serrano- 34 patio blocks broken with 3 strikes in under 10 seconds!

  • USBA/WBA World Record set by John Zurisk- 8, 2x4" lengths of lumber with side kicks in 10 seconds!


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