USBA/WBA Rating Information

The USBA/WBA is in the process of forming a breaking circuit consisting of tournaments from the local level to the World level. The major tournaments currently established or in negotiations are:

  • USBA/WBA World Championships- Currently hosted by the US Open World Martial Arts Championships- Orlando, FL
  • USBA/WBA International Championships
  • USBA North American Championships- Currently hosted by the USBA/WBA, Sacred Heart University- Fairfield, CT
  • USBA State Championships
  • USBA US East Coast Championships
  • USBA US West Coast Championships
  • WBA Canadian Championships
  • WBA Caribbean Championships
  • WBA European Championships
There will also be local, state, regional, and national events that will be set up as qualifiers for the majors. A competitor will earn points toward their rating depending on the event and division they compete in. The ratings will be used to seed competitors as well as determine end of the year titles and prizes.

A sample of the ratings system is as follows (click a heading for point allocations):
World, International, and Continental Championships
North American, United States, US East Coast, US West Coast, North Eastern US, Caribbean, Canadian, and European Championships
National and Regional
State and Local

Defending Titleholders

Defending titleholders (must be USBA/WBA members) will go off last in their respective division. The next three competitors will be seeded according to their cumulative ratings. In the event that the defending titleholder is not in attendance, the top rated competitor will go off last. Competitors of the Year (COY), for the previous year, are seeded last in their divisions if the defending titleholder is not in attendance. If defending titleholder is in attendance, COY will go off second to last when possible.

USBA/WBA Competitor Ratings

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The USBA/WBA is committed to bringing Competitive Breaking to a World recognized level. We provide a solid platform for competitors to test their skills on a fair and even playing field. From our standardized rule sets, which are consistent throughout the USBA/WBA circuit, to our work with some of the top venues in the World of Martial Arts, the USBA/WBA is well on the way to bringing it’s members the opportunities and recognition they deserve.

In line with this vision, the USBA/WBA is the only breaking organization that keeps ratings on its members and seeds competitors accordingly. Points are earned at each USBA/WBA sanctioned event. These points are used to seed members during sanctioned competitions, taking into account their tournament attendance and past successes. The higher a member's point standing in any given category, the better their position will be during a competition.

Members retain titles earned the previous year at the same competition. If a member won their division at a specific event the previous year they are considered the champion and will go off last, the defending champion position, at the current year's competition.

Points are also used to determine our “Competitors of the Year” (COY). The total point value from each event is used for COY.

  • Male Competitor of the Year
  • Female Competitor of the Year
  • Junior Male Competitor of the Year
  • Junior Female Competitor of the Year

Single Competitor Division Averaging (SCDA)


Beginning in March 2011, the USBA/WBA began a new procedure, Single Competitor Division Averaging (SCDA), for divisions with only one competitor. This procedure sets minimum goals that competitors must attain in order to be awarded 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place points. This is a work in process and the actual numbers may be adjusted slightly in the future as event results dictate.

The SCDA procedure will provide a set number to compete against in the case of a single competitor division. The SCDA chart considers a number of factors including: Competition Records, a sampling of events over the last 5 years, and recommendations from the most experienced breakers on the circuit. The SCDA will not affect the distribution of awards or trophies at this time. It will only affect the awarding of points for USBA/WBA standings. Here is a brief summary of the procedure:

USBA/WBA Member Competitors should refer to the SCDA: If you are in a division in which you are the only competitor, the points you are awarded will be directly linked to the SCDA. There are 3 categories listed: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. These columns refer to the minimum amount/measurement needed to be awarded the corresponding point value. 1st place is 80% of the “Base #” column, 2nd place is 60%, 3rd place is 40%. The USBA/WBA member competitor in a single competitor division must attain the number in each column to receive the corresponding point value for that place at that event. 

Tying the SCDA Number: If a USBA/WBA member competitor in a single competitor division ties the number on the SCDA they will be awarded 1st place points.

Updates: The most current SCDA will be posted at under the “Current Ratings” section. Any updates to the SCDA will be promptly posted as adjustments are made. USBA/WBA members will also receive an updated SCDA at any event in which the SCDA has changed since the last event. There will always be a current SCDA available for reference at each USBA/WBA Sanctioned event.

World and Competition Records

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The USBA/WBA keeps track of two types of breaking records: World Records and Competition Records. World Records can be set at anytime by official approval and arrangement with the USBA/WBA. Competition Records are set and/or tied during the normal course of competition at a USBA/WBA Sanctioned Event. Competition records include all current and previous breaking records established in Power, Speed, High, and Long Jump Divisions. For a competitor's record to be documented, the competitor must be a current USBA/WBA Member at the time of the record.

How to Join the USBA/WBA

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The USBA/WBA is constantly working to bring more benefits to our members. First and foremost, by becoming a USBA/WBA member you will be part of the fastest growing competitive Martial Arts Associations in the World.

Competitor News

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View the latest updates and news on the USBA/WBA and its members.

Featured Media

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  • USBA/WBA World Record set by Jonathan Field- 50 1" boards with palm srikes in 10.5 seconds!

  • USBA/WBA World Record set by Drew Serrano- 34 patio blocks broken with 3 strikes in under 10 seconds!

  • USBA/WBA World Record set by John Zurisk- 8, 2x4" lengths of lumber with side kicks in 10 seconds!


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