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USBA/WBA Junior World Records

The following Junior World Records were established outside the realm of regular competition by individuals 17 years of age or younger. These Records have been specifically sanctioned by the USBA/WBA at the request of the individual attempting to set the record. As a sanctioned record attempt, all specifics related to the attempt are documented and kept on file to provide a standard in the event that another individual attempts to break the World record. Set-up, materials used and its dimensions, spacing material and dimensions, type of stations, and all other pertinent specifics must be adhered to in attempting to break a Sanctioned World Record.

In order to set or attempt to set or break a Sanctioned World Record the following must take place:

  • 1. The attempter must provide a description of the proposed World Record;
  • 2. The USBA/WBA must approve of the record submitted;
  • 3. Appropriate sanction fees must be submitted before the day of the attempt;
  • 4. There must be at least one USBA/WBA official representative present at the time of the record attempt.
World Record holders receive a certificate documenting his/her accomplishment and a one of a kind award (awards are either a World Record Crystal Award, World Record Cup, or World Record Belt). For more information on current Records or setting a new World Record please contact the USBA/WBA.

Current Breaking World Records:

Board Breaking:

Most 1” boards broken with a stomp in 30 seconds (spaced)- Connor Cognac- 210 boards
Most 1/2" Boards Broken with a Stomp in 60 Seconds- Jarrett Guzman- 362 Boards

Featured Media

  • 2014 U. S. Open World Martial Arts Breaking championships!

  • USBA/WBA World Record set by Jonathan Field- 50 1" boards with palm srikes in 10.5 seconds!

  • USBA/WBA World Record set by Drew Serrano- 34 patio blocks broken with 3 strikes in under 10 seconds!

  • USBA/WBA World Record set by John Zurisk- 8, 2x4" lengths of lumber with side kicks in 10 seconds!


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