About The USBA/WBA

The United States and World Breaking Association

The United States and World Breaking Association (USBA/WBA) is the leading Martial Arts Breaking association in the World. Founded in 2005, the USBA/WBA has grown to become the go to source for event and World Record sanctioning, division and rule standardization, material standardization, education, and more. The USBA/WBA leadership, from founders to directors to officials, is made up of experienced martial artists and competitive breakers from the USA and abroad. Whether you are looking to incorporate breaking into your studio curriculum, host or enter a competition, acquire quality boards, set a record, or become a World Champion, we can help.

Fulfilling a need- What led to the USBA/WBA

The USBA/WBA was born out of the experiences of Grand Master Ralph Bergamo and Senior Master Drew Serrano. Having competed at many World and National events in their career, they saw a need for standardization in and recognition of competitive breaking. There was also a lack of education in how to break properly without injury, and documentation of records achieved. Since its inception the USBA/WBA has:

  • Standardized competitive breaking, creating a variety of divisions that are challenging and age appropriate.
  • Provided educational programming to studio owners and martial arts practitioners.
  • Become the leading source of record documentation, keeping track of competitor accomplishments and World Record holders.
  • Become the leading source for quality breaking boards.
  • Given beginners the competitive opportunities and technical support to become Icons in the sport.

Standardization and Unification

The USBA/WBA is committed to bringing standardization to the sport of competitive breaking. Sanctioned events include divisions for competitors young and old, beginners to veterans. Competitors can test their abilities in Power Concrete, Power Wood, Speed Board Breaking, Creative Wood, Creative Open, High Jump Board Breaking and specialty divisions. Competitors have the opportunity to focus on their personal best or beat competition records. Sanctioned events have standard procedures, rules and materials throughout all circuits of competition. There are no surprises. Breaking is common in many martial arts making it one of the most unifying aspects of the arts. The USBA/WBA is open to all styles. Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kun Tao, Kung Fu, Aikido, Judo; we have seen competitors from a variety of arts. Our leadership is made up of these styles and more. Breaking is the common ground that brings us all together as a martial arts family.

Event Organization

The USBA/WBA is familiar with all logistic and safety concerns associated with competitive breaking. We strive to make events less chaotic for both the promoter and competitor. In order to compete to the best of their abilities competitive breakers need to be focused on the actual competition and less on the logistics associated with the event.

A Promoter’s View- Working with the Competitor

The backbone of competitive breaking is the breaker. Most promoters have the best experience of their competitors in mind, but many times do not have the resources to tackle the challenges associated with a breaking competition. The USBA/WBA works with promoters to bring the thrill and spectacle of competitive breaking to their event. Sanctioning with the USBA/WBA will bring new competitors to your event and increase spectator attendance.

Mainstream Sponsorship

Sponsor backing brings a variety of opportunities to the sport they are involved in. By bringing standardization, professionalism, and a yearly circuit of competitions to competitive breaking, the USBA/WBA has a package that is sponsor friendly.