Competitors of the Year

The USBA/WBA Competitor of the Year Awards

The USBA/WBA is committed to bringing Competitive Breaking to a World recognized level. We provide a solid platform for competitors to test their skills on a fair and even playing field. From our standardized rule sets, which are consistent throughout the USBA/WBA circuits, to our work with some of the top venues in the World of Martial Arts, the USBA/WBA gives breaking competitors the opportunities and recognition they deserve.

In line with this vision, the USBA/WBA is the only breaking organization that keeps ratings for its members and seeds competitors according to their standings. Ratings points are earned at each USBA/WBA Sanctioned Event. In addition to seeding at sanctioned events, ratings points are also used to determine USBA/WBA World and Regional Competitors of the Year.

The Competitors of the Year are determined by the competitor with the most ratings points in his/her category at the end of the circuit year.

There are four categories for Competitor of the Year on each circuit:

  • Male Competitor of the Year
  • Female Competitor of the Year
  • Junior Male Competitor of the Year
  • Junior Female Competitor of the Year

Competitors of the Year receive awards as well as recognition. They also receive preferred seeding at the following year’s events.

USBA/WBA Competitors of the Year on the World Circuit receive a certificate of recognition and a fully embroidered item of his/her choice (past items have included a uniform, hat, jacket, shirt, and pants). Regional Competitor of the Year awards vary by region.

We congratulate all who have achieved Competitor of the Year status.