USBA/WBA Pro-Series

USBA/WBA Pro Series- The Pinnacle of Competitive Breaking

The USBA/WBA Pro Series is the highest level of competition for Adult Black Belt Breaking Competitors! To qualify for the Pro Series a competitor must be approved and/or win a USBA/WBA Black Belt Challenge

Head to Head Competitions

The USBA/WBA Pro Series pits the best competitive breakers in the World in head to head battles. Competitors are paired by weight class and have to compete in 3 divisions in each battle- Creative Open and 2 Power based divisions chosen by the competitors the morning of the competition. Each competitor chooses one Power based division each. The Power divisions may be any standard Power Wood or Power Concrete from the standard USBA/WBA offerings.

Pro Series Basics

The USBA/WBA will run a Pro Series event at it’s discretion. Competitors are paired off at the discretion of the founders and directors in an effort to create the most exciting battles. Each battle consists of each competitor executing a Creative Open Breaking routine and 2 Power Breaking divisions. Each competitor chooses 1 Power division (standard wood or concrete) in which both competitors must compete in. The scores for the Creative Open competition will only be used to determine the winner of the battle if each competitor wins one Power division each. Complete rules are given to competitors who qualify before the start of the Pro Series.

2019-2020 Pro Series Seeds

Semi-Finalists– Telena Mulligan (F)- 2019 WBA Ontario Breaking Championships winner, Timothy Steele (H)- 2019 Northeastern Regional winner, Nathan LeBlanc (L)- 2019 Northeastern Regional winner

2018 Pro Series Seeds

2018 Pro-Series Winners– Daniel Padin (H), Kenneth Goodrich (L)

Finalists– Daniel Padin vs. Clinton Murphy (H), Kenneth Goodrich vs. Seth Britton (L)

Semi-Finalists– Daniel Padin (H)- 2017 USBA/WBA North American winner, Clinton Murphy (H)- 2017 USBA Northeastern Regional winner, Kenneth Goodrich (L)- 2017 USBA Northeastern Regional winner, David Mayton (H)- 2017 USBA┬áNorth Central Regional winner, Seth Britton (L)- 2017 USBA North Central Regional winner, Mike Thomas (L)- USBA North Eastern Alternate, Donald Keyser (H)- 2018 USBA Southeastern Regional winner, Todd Smelt (L)- USBA North Central Alternate.

Upcoming Pro Series Events

USBA Northeastern Regional Breaking Championships – 2018

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USBA/WBA & ISKA North American Breaking Championships, Pro-Series Semi-Final- 2018

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