Competitor info

Being a Competitor at a USBA/WBA Sanctioned Event

The USBA/WBA was founded by competitive breakers in an effort to standardize the sport of martial arts breaking and address logistical challenges associated with competition. In order to provide the best experience possible we want every competitor to know what to expect before they attend a USBA/WBA Sanctioned Event.

You DO NOT have to be a USBA/WBA member to compete at a USBA/WBA Sanctioned Event!

The USBA/WBA is a member based association, but you do not have to be a member to compete. Everyone is welcome to test their skills. USBA/WBA membership does have its benefits, especially if you are a regular competitor. Please visit BECOME A MEMBER for more information on joining the USBA/WBA.

What to Expect on Competition Day

Since 2005 the USBA/WBA has strived to improve every aspect of competitive breaking. The day of competition is fairly standard at every USBA/WBA Sanctioned Event.

  • Competitors arrive and check in with a registration area. Here their divisions will be cross checked and any issues will be addressed.
  • After check in competitors will be directed when and where to pick up pre-ordered materials. All competitors competing in Power Wood divisions are required to pre-stack their materials including spacers. Spacers and tape are available at the event, but competitors are allowed to bring their own as well. The standard spacer is a regulation flat carpenter pencil that can be purchased at any home improvement store. Competitors in these divisions may begin pre-stacking as soon as they acquire their materials.
  • There are a number of quick meetings before the actual event begins (may vary depending on event). Standard meetings are:
    • Judges, officials, and directors meeting
    • All Black Belt meeting
    • Special divisions meeting
  • National Anthem of the hosting country
  • Bow in- All under belts and Black Belts are lined up opposite one another for a bow-in.
  • Competitor meeting- All competitors are asked to be on time so they can attend this meeting. Some of the areas discussed are:
    • Recognition of Directors, special guests, promoters, etc
    • Introduction of new competitors to veteran competitors
    • Special awards, if applicable
    • Basics of USBA/WBA competition
    • Rule overview and changes, if any
    • Clean up procedures
    • General order of competition
  • Competition begins

If you ever have any questions before, during, or after a USBA/WBA competition Directors and Officials are there to help. If for any reason your question was not addressed or you had a negative experience please let us know. You can email Master Serrano at

Standard USBA/WBA Divisions

Standard USBA/WBA Rules

Single Competitor Division Averaging (SCDA)- The USBA/WBA has established a way to challenge yourself even if you are the only competitor in your division the day of the event. The SCDA is based on over 10 years of results at numerous USBA/WBA Sanctioned Events. Based on current or past records, it assigns an average value that is needed to receive 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ratings points for members when they are competing alone. This gives the competitor a number to shoot for and eliminates the accumulation of points by a member without having to meet a minimum. The SCDA is updated periodically as new divisions are introduced and as new record breaks are achieved. CLICK HERE to view the current SCDA.

Competition Tutorials – View our library of competition tutorials for tips and guidelines. CLICK HERE