World Records

The USBA/WBA is the leading source for records in the World of Martial Arts Breaking. There are two categories of breaking records: Competition Records and World Records.

World Records are records established outside the course of regular competition at USBA/WBA Sanctioned Competitions. World Records can be attempted at a sanctioned event or as a standalone event.

World Records have been specifically sanctioned by the USBA/WBA at the request of the individual/team attempting to set the record. As a sanctioned record all specifics related to the attempt are documented and kept on file to provide a standard in the event that another individual attempts to break the World Record. Set-up, materials used and its dimensions, spacing material and dimensions, type of stations, and all other pertinent specifics must be adhered to in attempting to break a USBA/WBA Sanctioned World Record.

In order to set, attempt to set, or break a USBA/WBA Sanctioned World Record the following process is followed:

  • The attempter must provide a description of the proposed World Record.
  • The USBA/WBA must approve of the record submitted.
  • Appropriate sanction fees must be submitted to secure date and location.
  • There must be at least one USBA/WBA official representative present at the time of the record attempt.

World Record holders receive a certificate documenting his/her accomplishment, a World Record Holder patch, and have the option to purchase an award of their choice (some common awards are the Official USBA/WBA World Record Belt, World Record Cup, or World Record Plaque). All USBA/WBA Sanctioned World Records are posted on this page. Successful record attempts receive exposure on all social media outlets. For more information on current World Records or setting a new World Record please contact Drew Serrano-

Please see below for current and previous USBA/WBA World Records.