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Official USBA/WBA Boards

Whether you are planning a competition or practicing for one, the USBA/WBA has the best quality boards for breaking. The same boards used at every USBA/WBA competition are available at very competitive prices. USBA/WBA Boards come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. They are boxed and delivered to you, ready for anything you have planned.

If you are running a breaking competition we have the ultimate deal for you. Order 20 or more boxes and we will list your event at the Affiliate level of competitions on our Tournaments page . You can use the USBA/WBA rules or not, it’s up to you. Get exposure for your event and create a fair competitive experience for attendees. Join the growing number of quality studios and events that use official USBA/WBA Boards. ***If you are a promoter interested in sanctioning your event with the USBA/WBA please go to Promote Your Event for more info***

CLICK HERE to go to the USBA/WBA Store and order your boards today!