Black Belt Challenge

USBA/WBA Black Belt Challenge- Are you ready?

The USBA/WBA Black Belt Challenge is the ultimate challenge for Adult Black Belt Breaking Competitors! Competitors have to be ready for anything because divisions are chosen at random the morning of the event. Winners will be seeded for the following year’s USBA/WBA Pro Series, the pinnacle of competitive breaking!

Expect the Unexpected

So how will it work? Competitors are challenged with a combination of standard and non-standard divisions. All divisions involved are power based; think one strike, either horizontal or vertical, 1” boards or standard patio blocks. They may be divisions that you have seen before or they may be something totally new, or a combination of both. The twist, the competitors registered for the Black Belt Challenge will not know what the divisions are until the morning of the event! So you have to be prepared for anything. And there is the challenge! These “Challenge Breaks” will include breaks and techniques that directors and officials feel are within the capability of any Black Belt, regardless of style.

Where will the Black Belt Challenge be offered?

The USBA/WBA Black Belt Challenge is offered at select events throughout the year. They will be featured in select regions and select World/National Circuit events. The USBA/WBA Black Belt Challenge is a direct qualifier for the USBA/WBA Pro Series. Winners of the Black Belt Challenges are seeded for the next Pro-Series. The goal of the Black Belt Challenge events is to produce 4 winners- 4 seeds for the Pro-Series in both men’s light and heavy weight divisions, and if there is interest a women’s open division.

Upcoming Black Belt Challenge Events

USBA Northeastern Regional Breaking Championships – 2018

Circuit: World/National and Northeastern US Regional Location: North East Open Tournament- Alban...

USBA Southeastern Regional Breaking Championships- 2018

Circuit: World/National and Southeastern US Regional Event: USBA Southeastern US Regional Breaki...

USBA/WBA Hall of Fame Breaking Championships

Circuit: World/National Location: Hilton Garden Inn, 1181 Barnes Road, Wallingford, CT 06492

USBA North Central Regional Breaking Championships

Circuit: World/National and North Central US Regional Location: 1804 Franklin Street, Michigan

USBA Northeastern Regional Breaking Championships-2017

Circuit: World/National and Northeastern US Regional Location: North East Open Tournament- Alban...

View videos from past Black Belt Challenges HERE

Additional Info

  • There are no ratings points awarded for the Black Belt Challenge events
  • Must be a certified Black Belt, 18 years or older, to enter
  • The order of competition will be picked randomly the day of the event
  • Each Black Belt Challenge event will consist of 2 divisions. Competitors will earn points in each division to determine the overall winner. 22 points for 1st place win, 15 for 2nd, 9 for 3rd. The winner of the challenge is the competitor with the highest point value at the conclusion of the 2 divisions. In the event of a tie the total amount of materials broken in both divisions will determine the winner.
  • A USBA/WBA Black Belt Challenge Title Belt is awarded to the winner (must have 2 competitors registered)
  • Prize money will be awarded as follows:
    • 2 competitors- $50
    • 3 competitors- $100
    • 4 competitors- $150
    • 5 Competitors- $200
    • 6 or more competitors- $30 will be added for each competitor over 5
  • Registration fee: Registration for the Black Belt Challenge is $200 for USBA/WBA members, $250 for non-members (1 yr. USBA/WBA membership will be included). The registration fee inlcudes materials, so there is no need to order materials, we will have them available.