Grandmaster Ralph Bergamo

Grandmaster Ralph Bergamo

Grand Master Bergamo started his Martial Arts career in 1970 under Grand Master Rossi in the “Brooklyn” section of Waterbury, CT. The “Hard” style of Kun Tao was the only style that was taught, and many of Grand Master Bergamo’s fellow students never made it to the Black Belt level. Grand Master Bergamo also trained in the art of Tai Chi Quan and Ta Chi Quan Sword under Grand Master Chun-fang He, in 1990.

In the late 90’s GM Bergamo formed a team, Team Bergamo, made up of Black Belts and upper ranks from his studio. They competed extensively in all aspects of martial arts, in particular Breaking, an area that they excelled in. They won many National, International, and World Championships and performed numerous live demonstrations at events across the USA and abroad. They were also featured on ESPN2, Discovery Channel, Late Night with David Lettermen, and more. At one point the team was sponsored by Schick Quatro razors.

Some of GM Bergamo’s personal accomplishments include:

  • World Record on ESPN2 US Open of Martial Arts with 6 coconuts broken with a chop in 10 seconds.
  • Featured on the Discovery Channel series Time Warp.
  • World Record on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Show with 9 coconuts broken with a chop in 20 seconds.
  • 2nd place Black Belt Lightweight Power Breaking (concrete) at the Martial Arts World Games III, Columbus, OH.

GM Bergamo is the owner and head instructor of Bergamo’s Family Martial Arts and owner and lead trainer at Bergamo’s Personal Training and Wellness in Cheshire, CT. He is also a founding member of the American Filipino Kun Tao Federation. Visit his website at .