USBA/WBA Canadian Cup Online Breaking Championships and MA Showcase- 2021

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Date(s) - 05/22/2021
9:00 am



**This is a virtual event. Competition will take place using ZOOM.**

Circuit: World/National

Location: Where ever you are.

Time: Saturday, May 22, 2021 via ZOOM starting at 10 am.

Forms and Weapons: You may register for as many divisions as you like by Tuesday May 18th. Please video yourself performing each Forms division you enter and email video file or link to by Tuesday May 18th at 9pm.

All divisions will be broken up by age, gender, and rank and will be judged prior to or on May 22nd.

Award Certificates will be mailed to your martial arts school or your home address depending on the amount of entries in your local area.

Form and Weapons Registration: $10 for unlimited events. Register by May 18, 2021.

Forms and Weapons Registration:

Breaking categories: Power Wood (hand, elbow, foot), Double Power Wood Hand, Non-Spaced Power Wood (hand, elbow, foot), Power Concrete (hand, elbow, foot); all ages, ranks, and genders.

Breaking Registration pricing: $15 Unlimited Divisions. Register by May 17, 2021.

Breaking Registration:  CLOSED

Spectator pricing: FREE. Spectators can watch live on our FB page-

Material: Competitors may supply their own materials.

– USBA/WBA Boards can be purchased online– 1x10x12, 1/2x10x12, 1/2x6x12- Go to

Board sizes are based on competitor age-7 yrs. and under-1/2″x6″x12″, 8-12-1/2″x10″x12″, 13 and over-1″x10″x12″. These sizes are used for all Power divisions.

– Patio Blocks may be purchased from Cromwell Concrete – 665 Main St., Cromwell, CT. Outside CT contact your local concrete dealer.

– Spacers: Carpenter pencils must be used for all spaced wood and concrete breaks. One break per stack. All materials must be counted directly after the break and communicated to the Director.

Other info: USBA/WBA Tournament Records will be counted for competitors who compete at a location with a certified USBA/WBA Official or Director present using standard materials as approved by said official/director. No points will be awarded.

  • Event Registration link– See above for Breaking or Forms
  • Spectators can watch live on our FB page-
  • Competitor order will be chosen at random and will be posted on the USBA Facebook Group Page-
  • Competitors will compete by location (or school). There is no seeding for any event this season, with the exception of the World Cup Championships at the end of the circuit year.
  • Please enter your device name on the registration form in the space provided. Your device name should be the name of the device or the name you will use on ZOOM the day of the event.
  • Competitor must specify the number of materials set up for breaking prior to the start of the event. Competitors may not adjust their number once the event has begun. Material counts should be entered on your online registration under the category chosen in the space provided.
  • Competitors entering multiple divisions in a category (example: Wood Hand, Wood Elbow, and Wood Foot) must complete all three breaks when they are called on ZOOM. There is a 1 minute time limit to complete all breaks in a category.
  • Martial Arts Uniform and Belt are mandatory. A studio shirt can be worn in place of uniform top.
  • Awards will be given out at the end of the 2021 virtual circuit year for Most Total Materials Broken per category. No awards will be distributed per event for the 2021 virtual season.
  • For Breaking information Contact Ken Goodrich- email, on Facebook Messenger or by calling 413-594-9200. For all other event information Contact Jonathan Field- email, on Facebook Messenger or by calling 905-373-0032.