USBA Atlantic City Invitational and ISKA North American Breaking Championships- 2023

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Date(s) - 05/27/2023
8:30 am - 5:30 pm



  • East Coast

Circuit: World/National

Location: Sheraton Atlantic City Convention Center Hotel, Two Convention, Boulevard Atlantic City, New Jersey 08401

Time: Saturday, 5/27- Doors open at 8:30 am, USBA and ISKA Breaking starts at 1pm.

Nearest Airport: Atlantic City International Airport

Tournament Hotel: Sheraton Atlantic City Convention Center Hotel, Two Convention, Boulevard Atlantic City, New Jersey 08401

USBA Breaking Categories: The USBA Divisions for this event are special limited divisions for Advanced/Black Belts only. There will be 3 divisions:

– 13-17, Advanced/Black Belt- Male

– 13-17, Advanced/Black Belt- Female

– 18 and older, Advanced/Black Belt- Female

Each division will consist of 2 breaking events- Three Directional Spaced Wood Breaking and Horizontal Spaced Wood Foot.  Description and rules are listed below.

USBA Three Directional Spaced Wood Breaking– Each competitor will execute 3 breaks- one to the left of competitor held by assistants, one to the right of the competitor held by assistants, and one placed on stands in front of the competitor. All boards will be spaced with standard spacers. The order of breaks will be the 2 side held breaks and then the break on stands; Left-Right-Left arm or Right-Left-Right arm. Competitor must use both arms (either hand or elbow strikes are allowed). Boards must be preset per normal USBA/WBA rules. When a competitor is called they will have a maximum of 3 minutes to set all breaks and assistants into place. All three breaks must be completed in 5 seconds. Only one strike per break. Competitor must ensure that broken material is cleared immediately following completion. The competitor who breaks the most boards including all 3 breaks will win. Ties will be broken using standard largest percentage calculation.

USBA Horizontal Spaced Wood Foot– Each competitor will execute a kick to boards held by a provided apparatus. Competitor will execute the kick with the foot in either a vertical or horizontal position (think front kick vs. side kick), or a round kick with the top of the foot. The foot below the ankle must be used to execute the break. The boards must be set at a height above mid-thigh of the competitor. Competitor may execute the break from a stationary position or approach the break with either a step, slide or short jump. The maximum distance a competitor may be from the first board at set-up is 4 large strides measured to the furthest foot. Competitor will have one attempt. The competitor that breaks the most boards will win. Ties will be broken using standard largest percentage calculation.

ISKA Breaking Categories: ISKA North American Breaking Championships- Three Directional Wood,  Power Concrete Arm, and Horizontal Concrete Foot. (winners are seeded for ISKA World Championships in FL,  18 and over Black Belt only). See official rules for more info.

Other Competition Categories: The USBA and ISKA breaking is part of a larger event, The NAFMA Nationals Martial Arts Championships. This event includes competition in Forms, Weapons, Sparring, Team Forms and NAFMA Breaking. To register for these events please go to the event website.

Registration Pricing:  Register by May 15th. USBA categories- $90 (includes both events in division)

ISKA North American Breaking Championship divisions- Three Directional Wood, Power Concrete Arm, and Horizontal Concrete Foot- $110 each

Spectator Pricing: Per The NAFMA Nationals Martial Arts Championships

Material Pricing: Boards- $3, Blocks- $3.50, Community stand fee (all competitors)- $10

Rating info: Because this is a limited event no points will be awarded toward ratings.

Additional Info:

USBA Breaking Categories: Winner of each event will be awarded a plaque. 2nd and 3rd place in each event will receive a certificate. Winner of each division based on the total number broken in both events will receive a special award.

ISKA North American Breaking Championships: The following 6 ISKA divisions will be used as qualifiers for the ISKA World Championships in Florida. The divisions are Power Concrete Male- Light and Heavy, Three Directional Power Wood Strikes- Light and Heavy, and Horizontal Power Concrete Foot- Light and Heavy. There is an entry fee of $110 per ISKA division entered.

North American Championship Belts will be awarded for divisions with 4 or more competitors. For divisions with 3 or less competitors an additional fee may be required if a belt is requested, other wise a plaque will be awarded.