USBA/WBA & ISKA North American Breaking Championships- 2022

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Date(s) - 05/22/2022
8:00 am - 5:00 pm



  • North East

Circuit: World/National

Location: Naugatuck Events Center, 6 Rubber Avenue, Naugatuck, CT 06770

Time: Sunday- Doors open at 8:00 am, 9:00 am start time.

Nearest Airport: Bradley International Airport

Tournament Hotel: Suggested- Holiday Inn Cheshire-Southington, 64 Knotter Drive, Cheshire, Connecticut 06410 (there are also other hotels in the area)

Breaking Categories: USBA/WBA- First Time Breaker, Creative Open, Creative Wood, Power Wood, Double Power Wood Hand and Elbow, Non-Spaced Power Wood, Power Concrete. All ages, ranks, and genders.

ISKA North American Breaking Championships- Three Directional Wood,  Power Concrete Arm, and Horizontal Concrete Foot. (winners are seeded for ISKA World Championships in FL,  18 and over Black Belt only)

Forms Categories: Open Hand Forms and Weapons Form;  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Black Belt Rank groups, within the the following age groups; 7 & Under, 8-12, 13-17, 18 & Over. Age groups may be broken down further to smaller age spreads based on registration number.

Registration Pricing:  Register by May 13th. USBA/WBA categories- First Time Breakers- $50 (includes boards and community stand fee, competitors who register in First Time Breaker may not compete in other events); Other USBA/WBA divisions- $50 for 1st, $15 for 2nd, $10 each additional

ISKA North American Breaking Championship divisions- Three Directional Wood, Power Concrete Arm, and Horizontal Concrete Foot- $90 each

Spectator Pricing: General Admission- $5 at door, children 12 and under Free

Material Pricing: Boards- $3 and $2, Blocks- $3, Community stand fee (all competitors except First Time Breakers)- $10

Rating info: All USBA/WBA members will receive the following points toward World/National ratings: 1st place- 5 points, 2nd- 4 points, 3rd- 3 Points.

Additional Info:

Forms Rules: Open Forms & Weapons: • All Forms & Weapons Events will be Judged on a 1 – 10 Scale, with 1/10 point increments. Scores from all Judges will be added together, and the highest total will win. In the case of a tie, judges may use their discretion and possibly ask for a repeat performance to determine a winner. • Competitors in these divisions will perform ANY Forms (patterns, kata, poomse, etc.) traditional or creative in nature. • Forms may include an array of techniques. These forms may be a traditional forms from a style or system, devised in their entirety by the competitor, or be a traditional form in which modern aspects were added. • In this division, the competitor may perform any movements whether they originate from traditional or contemporary martial arts systems or otherwise. • However, at least half of the form should originate from martial arts techniques. • Emphasis is placed on the quality of execution of techniques and movements, martial arts skills, balance, speed, power, degree of difficulty, and showmanship, solid stances and focus. Spinning kicks, jump spinning kicks, flying kicks, multiple kicks, splits and other creative martial arts techniques are permitted. • In addition, competitors should limit the techniques to only those movements that portray a definite offensive or defensive martial arts purpose, or are included to illustrate extreme flexibility or agility. • In addition, Weapons forms will take into consideration heavily the use of the weapons, including, striking & blocking with the weapon as well as weapon manipulations.

ISKA North American Breaking Championships: The following 6 ISKA divisions will be used as qualifiers for the ISKA World Championships in Florida. The divisions are Power Concrete Male- Light and Heavy, Three Directional Power Wood Strikes- Light and Heavy, and Horizontal Power Concrete Foot- Light and Heavy. There is an entry fee of $90 per ISKA division entered.

North American Championship Belts will be awarded for divisions with 4 or more competitors. For divisions with 3 or less competitors an additional fee may be required if a belt is requested, other wise a plaque will be awarded.