USBA/WBA and ISKA North American Breaking Championships

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Date(s) - 06/25/2017 - 06/26/2017
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**Registration Note: If registering by mail and paying by check complete Online Registration and Materials Ordering, print page, and mail to USBA llc c/o Cheshire Martial Arts, 460 West Main Street, Cheshire, CT 06410. All mail-in registrations must be received 15 days prior to event. Allow 7 days for delivery.

Circuit: World/National

Location: Hilton Garden Inn, 1181 Barnes Road, Wallingford, CT 06492

Time: Doors open at 8:00 am, 9:00 am start time.

Nearest Airport: Tweed- New Haven Airport

Tournament Hotel: : For discounted room rates call the hotel directly at 203-284-0000 to reserve a room and mention “USBA”.

Breaking Categories: First Time Breakers, Creative Wood, Creative Open, Power Wood, Non-Spaced Power Wood, Power Concrete, Speed Board, High Jump, Extreme Kicks Wood Breaking; all ages, ranks, and genders. ISKA World Championship qualifiers for Black Belts. ***NEW- The USBA/WBA Black Belt Challenge.

Registration Pricing: First Time Breakers- $50 (includes boards and community stand fee);
Other USBA/WBA divisions- $50 for 1st, $15 for 2nd, $10 each additional; ISKA divisions- $75 each; Black Belt Challenge (includes materials and community stand fee)-

Spectator Pricing:Adults and Children 13 and older- $5, 12 and under FREE.

Material Pricing: Boards- $2-$2.50, Blocks- $3, Community Stand Fee- $8.
USBA/WBA member- $200, non-member- $250 (includes 1 yr. USBA/WBA membership).

Materials Rebate: All USBA/WBA members who order $10 or more in materials will receive a $10 rebate. Rebates are distributed via Paypal within 60 days after event.

Other Info

ISKA Qualifiers: There will be 6 ISKA qualifying divisions allowing breakers to qualify for the ISKA World Championships in Florida (televised on ESPN2 each year). The divisions are Creative Open- Male and Female, Power Concrete Male- Light and Heavy, and Three Directional Power Wood Strikes- Light and Heavy. There is an entry fee of $75 per ISKA division entered.

CASH PRIZE- Most Boards/Blocks Broken in a single USBA/WBA division: There will be four categories: Men’s Concrete (includes all concrete divisions), Men’s Wood (includes all wood divisions except wood foot with machine), Women’s Concrete, and Women’s Wood. The competitor who breaks the most blocks or boards in any Power Concrete or Power Wood division will be awarded $50. Must be a USBA/WBA member to qualify.

Are You Up For the CHALLENGE!

We are excited to announce the first USBA/WBA Black Belt Challenge! This will be the direct pre-cursor to the USBA/WBA Pro-Series which will return in 2018.

In 2014 we started the first USBA/WBA Pro-Series at the North American Breaking Championships. It pitted 4 lightweight and 4 heavyweight breakers, some of the best in the World, in a series of “Breaking Battles” at various events on the USBA/WBA circuit. These battles consisted of a Creative Open routine and 2 Power Breaking divisions chosen by the competitors themselves. It concluded at the 2015 North American Breaking Championships and awarded the first Pro-Series Champions- Sean Anderson, lightweight and John Zurisk, heavyweight. During the course of the Pro-Series we highlighted the competitors by posting stats, pictures and video. We highlighted the Pro-Series battles at the events where they were held.

Where will the Black Belt Challenge be offered: Our goal for the USBA/WBA Pro-Series is to make it the pinnacle of competition for Black Belt breaking competitors. After the first Pro-Series we received many inquiries from competitors interested in being part of the next one. So we needed to come up with a plan to give equal opportunity to those interested in competing at this highest level. That “plan” is the USBA/WBA Black Belt Challenge!

The USBA/WBA Black Belt Challenge will be a stand alone competition at various events on the USBA/WBA Circuit. Currently, we are considering the following events:
USBA/WBA North American Breaking Championships- CT
USBA/WBA Northeastern Regional Breaking Championships- NY
USBA/WBA North Central Regional Breaking Championships- IN
USBA/WBA Southeastern Regional Breaking Championships- FL

Each Black Belt Challenge will produce one winner (1st place winner) and one alternate (2nd place winner) for both lightweight and heavyweight. You can only win one Black Belt Challenge per year, so once you win you will not be allowed to compete again until after The Pro-Series you qualify for. The winners will then move forward to the USBA/WBA Pro-Series which will return at the 2018 USBA/WBA North American Breaking Championships. If the winner cannot be part of the Pro-Series once it starts the alternate will take his place.

How will it work: Our plan is to challenge competitors with a combination of standard and non-standard divisions. All divisions involved will be power based, think one strike, either horizontal or vertical, 1_ boards or standard patio blocks. They may be divisions that you have seen before or they may be something totally new. All of the divisions, “challenges”, will be within the realm of what we feel that any Black Belt from any style should be able to execute. And the twist, the competitors in the Black Belt Challenge will not know what the divisions are until the morning of the event! So you have to be prepared for anything. And there is the challenge!

Each Black Belt Challenge event will consist of 2 divisions. Competitors will earn points in each division to determine the overall winner. 22 points for 1st place win, 15 for 2nd, 9 for 3rd.

Other details: Because this is a special Black Belt only competition no points are awarded to ratings. Competitors in the Black Belt Challenge may compete in other divisions if they wish. The Black Belt Challenge will lead each event where it is featured unless circumstances prevent. Divisions will be chosen at random the morning of the event. You must compete in both divisions chosen. The order of competition will also be chosen at random.

Registration fee: Registration for the Black Belt Challenge is $200 for USBA/WBA members, $250 for non-members (1 yr. USBA/WBA membership will be included). The registration fee will include materials and stand fee, so there is no need to order materials, we will have them available.

Award and prize money: The Black Belt Challenge winner will receive a special award and prize money. Prize money will be based on the number of competitors in the specific weight class. Prize money is as follows: 2 competitors- $50
3 competitors- $100
4 competitors- $150
5 Competitors- $200
6 or more competitors- $30 will be added for each competitor over 5